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22 years of passion !

It was in December 1999 that a human adventure named Novisoft was born, with the objective of serving in the field of IT, Visual Communication and Management Consulting.
By relying on its values and adopting a visionary approach, Novisoft has become, in the space of a few years, a recognized and essential partner in its field of activity, with more than 900 customers served and loyal.
This success, which we owe to your trust, is the greatest reward for the daily work of our team.

She inspires us...

She is skilful, organized and disciplined in the accomplishment of her tasks. Collectively or individually, she never does things by halves. She knows, for a fact, that it is by foraging on the flowers of an entire meadow that she produces the best honey. The countless virtues of the latter are only the fruits of this labor.
For all these reasons, and for many others as well, we identify with the bee. Both in our way of serving our customers and in our way of being.

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